I first saw Lori present at the Carolinas PGA yearly meetings in Greensboro, NC. I was very intrigued by her material and knowledge of the body's movements, especially how they related to the golf. Being an instructor, it is extremely important to be cognizant of my student's limitations and potential injury risks. Not only did I want to improve my teaching, I wanted to improve my personal game to see if I could relate to the information before sending my list of students who could benefit. I drove a total of eight hours round trip from Myrtle Beach to receive my first assessment. While Lori gave me my screen, I divulged that I had a serious wrist injury and I wondered if further pain could be avoided. I was then made aware of my weaknesses in my golf swing motion and how to attack them with golf functional movement pattern exercises that Lori prescribed. I've done my series of exercises daily and have seen enormous improvements in my strength and flexibility. Not only am I hitting the ball farther, but my wrist is pain free. I highly recommend Lori Gordon to anyone. Her knowledge is unparalleled and her ability to personalize an assessment screen for specific goals is well worth an eight hour round trip. After 28 years of playing golf, I'm excited again to push myself in my practice and play because I know my body is working properly under Lori Gordon's tutelage."

Chad Gibbs, PGA (age 39)
Senior Certified Golf Instructor
Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy

Lori's been with me for a long time. I know I would not be moving around without her help."

Evelyn H. (age 90)

Lori Gordon's ability to multi-task is amazing. For over five years, she has trained my wife and me during the same half hour session, twice a week. She tailors each workout to our separate needs, and she moves easily from one to the other, simultaneously challenging us while being hyper-aware of our limitations. Her knowledge of exercise physiology and overall personal strength strategies is, without doubt, in the top 1% of area personal trainers."

Dr. Richard W. Smith

I started working with Lori my freshmen year in high school, in hope of getting a tennis scholarship. I couldn't believe how many matches she came to watch and how much I learn from her training. My senior year I was offered 3 full tennis scholarships! Thank you Lori & know I'm your number one fan."

Tina P. (age 20)

I've had major health problems since I was in my early twenty's, so I've been afraid that exercise wouldn't be a good idea. Then a friend took me to see Lori for my 40th birthday. I can't say enough good things about how she helped me. I've been a client for 10 years now and I'm never going to stop!"

Bill A. (age 51)

I am 66 years old, 3 handicap, 5' 11", 178 lbs. I have played golf and been a member of a gym all my life. My health goal has always been measured by my ability to walk the golf course and play the game. Until the last few years all has been well, but persistent back and knee pain caused me to play in a back brace, knee brace and take at least 4 – 5 Ibuprofen per round. The swing got shorter, swing speed got slower and scores went up – I was not happy. No amount of "pumping iron" helped. After one golf lesson (still trying to get better) I realized that I could not physically get into the correct position to swing the golf club. Finally, a friend recommended I see Lori Gordon. After an assessment and several sessions, Lori has been able to give me specific exercises that promote the flexibility I need. After a couple of months, no more back and knee braces, no more Ibuprofen! Thru my work with Lori, I have my game back, my health back and golf is once again fun to play."

Drayton Stott (Greensboro, NC)